The world première of a playful, stylish, and feminine lingerie brand

Erotic lingerie brand Love from Holland is HOT! The collections are strong, playful, but most of all feminine. Being stylish AND sexy. Love from Holland is a true relieve between the 13 in a dozen, uncomfortable, and one-size-fits-nobody available lingerie. .

Not just fashion…

Love from Holland was launched by Mail & Female, Europe’s first woman owned erotic mailorder. Love from Holland is more than just fashion. The collections are specifically designed around themes as female sexuality, authenticity, and self-consciousness. When considering the individual products, the main purpose is to create products of high quality and great comfort. Our policy is to combine these quality aspects with a price that makes Love from Holland attainable for everyone.

Founder of Mail & Female, Hanni Jagtman: “Designer Marlion Kielenstijn is always looking for the most beautiful and softest materials. These materials are selected in very strict selection process. This is not only true for the imported fabrics, but also to maintain the right fit. We believe that lingerie should be comfortable to wear all day, so to us comfort is a must! The pleasure of wearing our lingerie is that it is an all day experience that invites you, the proud owner, to feel comfartable and play a subtle game with your own sexuality.

Erotic design lingerie

In 1992 Mail & Female started her first with Classic Erotic Lingerie Collection, Love from Holland. After years of experimenting and pioneering, Mail & Female is now bringing homage to this first collection by introducing the brand Love from Holland. With this decision, erotic lingerie has found its definitive place at Mail & Female.

Basic Love style collection

Starting in 2005, Love from Holland introduced the new and improved Basic Lovestyle® collection. This new collection got broad support and attention from many different stores offering quality and elegant erotica for women. The design and quality of the product speak for itself. The positioning as an erotic Life Style product with a realistic price tag creates new Love from Holland fans.

Red & Blue

Shortly after the introduction of the Basic Lovestyle ® collection, in 2006 the limited Red & Blue® collection was introduced. This is a burlesque style collection that is named after the decorative blue and red ribbons which are displayed on the characterful bras and underwear. By playing with the fabrics and details of the designs, Love from Holland can be surprising with nearly infinite possibilities.

Wild at heart

The third collection to find its way to the market is the Wild at Heart® collection. This collection is identified by its exciting tiger prints and sexy details. Wild at Heart® was introduced in Lyon en available in February 2008. Hanni Jagtman said that “It is obvious that the lingerie of Love from Holland fills a need in the market. Right after our first collection, Love from Holland has been carried by retailers who can be seen as true trendsetters. I’m therefore proud to say that Love from Holland is carried by stores in Paris, London, Brussels, Rome, and Los Angeles.”De derde collectie: Wild

Love from Holland Core Collection

In 2013, the year that Mail & Female is celebrating her 25 year anniversary, Love from Holland will be introducing the Core Collection. The Core Collection will be the foundation with which it will venture further into the world. Of course this collection too is characterized by its high quality materials, new colors, and modern accents. This collection will be expanded with an array of small niche collections that will be novel with regards to themes, fabrics, and design. Starting in 2014, Love from Holland will introduce the “Love from Holland Erotic Lingerie Award.”

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