Getting in the Mood for XMAS
Dec 8, 2013 | Willem Wester | News | 0

In Amsterdam our sister shop is getting ready to offer their customers a ‘happy XMAS’. Creating a sexy window in Amsterdam is always the sart of a month with Love in the air!

Jenneke.          etalage

Zandvoort at Night
Nov 15, 2013 | Willem Wester | News | 0

Love from Holland lingerie, the perfect wear when the night falls, the whisky is out and the music stops…

The Zandvoort Shoot
Nov 15, 2013 | Willem Wester | News | 0

The concept of the new Core Collection is Inside Out. We want to place our erotic lingerie in nature. Different from  the boudoir style photo sessions you see everywhere. Beach, Sea and Dunes, beside Windmills, these three ingredients are Holland. Here an impression from the Zandvoort Nude Beach,

The Love from Holland Heart Beat
Apr 26, 2013 | zentido | News | 0

We believe that a full life has many different aspects. Good feed, exciting sex, inner and outer beauty and different music styles are facets that make life interesting. Love from Holland wants to add beauty and sexyiness to your life and to get you in the right mood listen to the Love from Holland beat…


Love from Holland at Burlesque FreakOut!
Apr 26, 2013 | zentido | News | 0
Our milk maid on a journey through the Middle-East!
Apr 26, 2013 | zentido | News | 0